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Graduate Stories

  • Devlin

    “Everything GED+ spoke to me in layman's terms, made it easy to learn.  Plus, I had the best advisor ever—she kept me on track to pass.  On a scale of 1-10, I give GED+ a hundred!”

  • CJ

    “The GED+ program gave me the confidence to pass! My fantastic advisor helped me get to my goal faster.”

  • Jacklyn

    “GED+ is amazing. Just let your advisor guide you. My advisor really helped me reach the next level. Everything in the GED+ program was on point.”

  • Omayra

    “When I discovered GED+, I said OMG, this is exactly what I need to get through Math. Best of all, it included custom prep and taking the test as many times as I needed to pass.”

  • April - Aisha-Kimberly H.

    “Without my high school credential, I felt like I was letting my family down – especially my dad, who was a college professor. At age 50, I finally did it. I got my GED!”

  • February - Cole G.

    “Nothing—not even my struggles as a teen—could stop me from getting my GED. I studied every single day and took enough notes to write a novel!”

  • January - Demani P.

    “Despite our difficult family situation battling homelessness, my younger sister got her GED and started college. She inspired me to get my GED for a better life and to help others.”

  • December - Whitney P.

    “After years of abusive relationships and doing time, I took my destiny into my own hands, starting with my GED. l want my story to inspire others to be brave and make their own future.”

  • November - Tristen C.

    “After taking the GED practice tests, I learned that I was likely to pass the real test. I could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

  • October - Patricia Z.

    “I love learning but bullying at school forced me to leave high school. Later, I found my career passion: real estate. Getting my GED was the final step in getting my license.”

  • September - Taniese P.

    “I’ve been homeless since age thirteen. Education was my way to a better life.”

  • August - Teresa V.M.

    “By getting my GED, I could show my children that they could dream too, and that a better life was possible.”