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November - Tristen C.

After taking the GED practice tests, I learned that I was likely to pass the real test. I could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tristen’s mom had always encouraged him to take the GED test and earn his diploma. After she lost her battle to cancer, Tristen became homeless and didn’t know where his life would take him. Tristen went to a job center at OhioMeansJobs and met a passionate worker named Janet.  

“Janet listened to my story, provided me options and really inspired me to take this opportunity to obtain my GED. The atmosphere at that job center was very welcoming!” 

After the initial meeting, Tristen met Angie, a youth specialist at OhioMeansJobs and started a program named CCMEP where they have a licensed teacher assist with tutoring and prep for the GED. She provided Tristen with access to all the materials he’d need to study.  

Tristen continued his journey by taking the GED Ready practice tests, which told him he’d be likely to pass. He could finally see a light at the end of his GED journey tunnel. However, after passing his first GED test the Covid-19 pandemic shut down his GED testing site.  

Tristen soon became unemployed at his part-time job and had to wait several weeks before his unemployment was approved. He continued to communicate with the staff at OhioMeansJobs and they continued to encourage him to study, ensuring him that testing centers would be open soon.  

I thought I was going to struggle, not being able to move up in the world, because I lacked my diploma.” 

After months of trials and tribulations, fighting through this unprecedented time, Tristen finally passed all his GED tests. He even earned College-Ready on two of his subject tests. Now he feels that his horizons are endless. He even had a small graduation party and received a cap, gown and finally a tassel. 

Now that Tristen has earned his diploma, he’s currently looking into short term programs in the computer/robotics engineering area. He has been able to research many career opportunities and plans to enroll in an apprenticeship program related to engineering or a computer help desk program to further his skills and interests.