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Graduate Stories

  • Nancy

    “Don't let nervousness stop you from trying – it doesn't hurt to try. The GEDWorks program is amazing! It keeps you on track and helps you graduate quickly.”

  • Rodney P

    “I went to take the test feeling confident about my study plan that GED+ provided. That day, I scored higher than all my previous attempts – I finally passed the GED!”

  • Victoria C.

    “Math was the one thing holding me back from getting my GED and lead to the job I wanted. With GED+ I finally got the help I needed to pass.”

  • Alexus

    “I wanted to get my GED to advance at work. Granny kept telling me I could do it. My husband, kids and family encouraged me. In the end, my mother and grandmother got their GED as well. All three generations graduated at the same time!”

  • Dorothy S.

    “I felt like I’d never get math, but my GED+ Advisor showed me the best tools to use and how much to study so I could understand it. It worked! I finally passed all four subjects of the GED.”

  • Ingrid

    “With GED+, everything was clear. I could decide my own schedule and feel confident for the test. It’s even available in Spanish, like the GED test, which made my whole GED journey go smoothly.”

  • Raul

    “My experience with GED+ was very positive; it helped me strengthen what I needed to learn in order to earn my GED.”

  • Brenda

    “With GED+ I was able to achieve my high school credential. The program helped me stay motivated and learn everything I needed to pass the GED.”

  • Shandala

    “I was determined to get my GED this year—nothing could make me give up. It’s been my goal for 10 years and I finally did it! GED+ is a 10 out of 10.”

  • Ashley

    “GED+ was so helpful for me. I tried many ways to study in the past but kept getting off track. Thanks to this program, I was able to finally get my GED.”

  • Jessica M.

    “Getting my GED was important to me and to make my kids proud. The GED program was so convenient. My goal now is to graduate from college.”

  • Camila

    “I give 10 out of 10 for GED+ because it includes so many ways to learn. I especially loved the videos, they made things easy to understand and stick in my memory. Now I have my diploma and can go to nursing school!”