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Dorothy S.

I felt like I’d never get math, but my GED+ Advisor showed me the best tools to use and how much to study so I could understand it. It worked! I finally passed all four subjects of the GED.

After leaving school in 10th grade, Dorothy always wanted to get her GED®. She was determined to finish her school diploma, but for a long time felt like she wasn’t smart enough. It turns out she was just stuck with study techniques that didn’t work for her learning style. Math was the hardest of all!

Dorothy was happy to discover GED+ TM because it fits her style and lets her take as much time as needed for just one price. She didn’t have to worry about paying separately for study materials, practice tests, the test itself, retakes, and other things she needed to pass the GED. Dorothy’s favorite part was her GED Advisor who made sure she studied enough hours to feel confident and used tools that fit her learning style. 

Back in school, Dorothy didn’t have choices about ways to learn. The one-size-fits-all approach didn’t really fit everyone. For example, Dorothy is a visual, hands-on learner; she prefers to see every step in a math problem in order to understand how to get from one number to another. With GED+, she had a chance to try multiple tools before landing on one by Aztec that made light bulbs go off in her brain. Math finally made sense! 

Still, getting ready for the GED test was not fast or easy for Dorothy. As if juggling full-time work, many hours studying, and taking care of her family weren’t enough, life threw her another challenge. Dorothy found out that her 23 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Dorothy had to focus on her getting better and do all that she could for her. Test prep had to get put on hold. She appreciated how compassionate and flexible her GED+ Advisor was. She understood it was important to take time for family and that she could come back to the program when she was ready. Dorothy’s GED+ access didn’t expire — everything was still there when logging in months later.

With time, Dorothy was able to understand the concepts she needed to know to pass the GED test. Getting her GED credential was a very proud moment! Going at her pace, planning time to study every single day, and taking breaks when things got tough were the right combination. The big picture can be daunting, but if you take one step at a time, you can arrive at the end and get your GED too!