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Education Unplugged

The Official GED® Testing Service Podcast

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Education UnplugGED™: The official podcast from GED Testing Service, the developer of the GED® test.

Nothing in life is linear, and that includes our education and employment journey. Whether you earned your GED as an adult, decided a 4-year college wasn’t the right path for you, or you’re looking to employ a talent pool of competent candidates eager to join the workforce, you’ve come to the right place. Join Vicki Greene, CEO of GED Testing Service, for Education UnplugGED where she talks to learners, educators, and employers looking to destigmatize the educational road less traveled. We’re here to make a positive impact today and for generations to come. It only takes one person to invest and connect with a learner for their belief in themselves to transform the future. From test takers to change makers, we’re sharing the stories of people who have taken a non-traditional path to a better life. 

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