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Find In-Person GED Classes Near You

To quickly find GED test prep centers and in-person classes conveniently located near you, just enter your city, state, or zip code.

Open a free GED account to get access to:

  • GED test prep center contact information
  • Free study materials
  • GED preparation classes
  • GED testing details

This is a huge step in the right direction. We are here to help with supportive staff who can answer questions as you continue the process. Our students enjoy instruction that allows for group study with peers, quality lessons, and study tips that set you up for success.

You’re not alone in this journey. Allow us to work with you as you get closer to that bright and better future ahead.

Why Should You Take a GED Class?

Taking local GED preparation classes in-person is a great first step in your new adventure. Before taking the GED test, connect with instructors and fellow students for support while learning what you need to earn a passing score.

Benefits of a Local GED Class or Test Prep Center Include:

  • Experienced and supportive teachers
  • Knowledgeable in-person instruction
  • Group study opportunities with peers
  • Flexible schedules for students with full-time employment
  • Assistance throughout the GED process
  • A thorough exploration of GED test subjects
  • Practice tests and reviews
  • Career and college planning services

Sign Up for a Free GED Account

Once you sign up for a free account with, you’ll have access to everything you need to prepare for and pass the GED test. That includes choosing a GED test prep center nearby where you’ll get expert instruction, study tips, preparation materials, and practice tests.

You can choose from among the list of qualified test prep centers and they will contact you with more enrollment information. If you find a test center nearby on your own but they aren’t on our list, you can fill out a form to get them listed.

You can also print your score report from a practice test. This score report can help your instructor understand what you know, what you need to learn, and how to better prepare you for the GED test.

Whether you prep online or in-person, you’re on the right track. Get ready for this exciting journey with daytime GED prep classes or GED night classes near you! Begin the process with a free GED account today.

Consider Online Classes

If your schedule and commitments simply won’t allow you to attend GED classes in person, there are online solutions. Experienced and knowledgeable instructors can assist you remotely with flexible timing and on any mobile device.

You can check out the online class offerings and see if it’s a better option for you.

Timeline for Getting a GED

How long does it take to get your GED? That depends, but on average it’s about 2-4 months. Many people study one subject at a time for about 3 weeks and then take that subject’s test. Another option is to study all four subjects for about three months and then take all of the tests in one day.

Every student is different. The important thing is to find the regimen and study schedule that works for you. Success has no time frame!

Other Study Resources

With a account, you’ll also have access to these very helpful study resources.

Practice Questions

Get access to thousands of GED practice questions to help prepare yourself for the real thing. You’ll also enjoy real-time explanations to understand your errors and improve for next time.

Practice Tests

Take the official GED practice test that is written by the same people who draft the real exam. It’ll even give you an indicator of how likely you are to pass. As a student, you benefit from this accurate and aligned preparation.


This all-inclusive prep program gives students access to:

  • A personal advisor
  • Top-rated study, interactive study tools
  • Practice tests
  • A test pass guarantee
  • And more

Take that first step! Sign up for a GED account and get started to build success for the rest of your life.

Additional study options:

For more on the GED test, free study guides and product savings, click below to create an account.

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