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The Official GED® Mobile App


Now available for pre-order in the App Store.

GED success in the palm of your hand 

Get personalized guidance directly from the makers of the GED® to help you prep for and pass the GED test. With the GED & Me app you can set goals, track your study time and work on creating healthy study habits to help achieve your credential.

Practice Questions 

Sharpen your knowledge while becoming familiar with the types of questions you can expect on the test with a limited number of practice questions. Your app will also serve up a new question dailyit’s fast and easy to keep practicing!   

Your Personal Study Buddy

Set a study goal and connect the app to your Kaplan GED Prep bookwe’ll be expanding to more books soon. The app will help you focus on the most important things to study in your book and will provide more practice questions after the book is connected.   

Personalized Guidance 

The app will tell you what to expect along your GED journey: where to start, what to study, when you are ready to take a practice test, and when you can go ahead and schedule your GED test for each subject. Set up notifications to get reminders, pointers, and encouragement as test day approaches.  

Get Started

You can take the app for a test drive before setting up a student account to see what it’s all about.

If you’re ready to begin your GED journey, set up your student account and get on the fast track to success with the GED & Me app. If you’ve already created a student account at, simply login to the app with the same email address and the two accounts will be linked. 


FAQs about GED & Me