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See how GED Flash works.

  • Master the GED test subjects.

    Get access to a full collection of GED practice questions and answers covering concepts you need to know to pass. Choose Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, or Math.

  • Learn as you go.

    Each practice question comes with step-by-step explanations, so you can see instantly where you may have gone wrong and learn how to do it right the next time.

  • Study on the move.

    Created for use on phone, tablet or desktop, so you can study whenever and wherever you find a moment of free time.

  • Prep at your pace.

    With GED Flash, you can study for the GED in as little as five minutes a day. GED Flash offers the flexibility of practicing without feeling tied down for hours.

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Prepare for 1 subject or access all 4 subjects and get up to 61% off

  • Good value

    Single Subject for 1 Month


    • 1 month access
    • Choose 1 subject: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, or Science
  • Better value

    All 4 Subjects for 1 Month

    $60 $35 off


    • 1 month access
    • Math
    • Language Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Science
  • Best value

    All 4 Subjects for 3 Months

    $180 $110 off


    • 3 months access
    • Math
    • Language Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Science

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