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GED+ was so helpful for me. I tried many ways to study in the past but kept getting off track. Thanks to this program, I was able to finally get my GED.

Ashley always had the desire to get her GED® but something always seemed to be getting in the way. She tried studying on her own but needed more to feel confident to take the test. Finally, about three years ago, she paused to reevaluate her life goals and getting the GED topped the list. Ashley was determined to prove to herself that she could succeed!

While she felt good about Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies and Science, Ashley knew that Math was going to be tough. When she discovered GED+, it was the perfect mix of resources she needed.

Ashley loved that GED+TM offered more than one way to study, from short practice questions to longer problems to work on to evaluating her progress through practice tests. Having a personal advisor on her side really helped too; she was there to encourage Ashley and be sure she kept studying until she was ready.

Having a daily schedule helped Ashley stay focused. After work, she studied at the library until it closed. At home, she kept going with videos and GED Flash practice questions. Her two best friends motivated Ashley when she felt she couldn’t learn challenging topics. One of them was her roommate so she stayed up late to help Ashley study. It was great to have support at every step of the journey.

After pushing through a few moments of discouragement, Ashley passed the GED test. She felt so proud to have accomplished such an important goal. Then, Ashley went straight to the next step in her career plans—signing up for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program! She worked in the medical field her entire life and wanted to advance along that route.