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Jessica M.

Getting my GED was important to me and to make my kids proud. The GED program was so convenient. My goal now is to graduate from college.

Getting my GED was super important to Jessica; she wanted to prove to my kids that even though she made a mistake by dropping out of high school at a young age, it’s still possible to change the future. Achieving her high school credential proved that nothing can stop her from accomplishing long-term goals for her career. 

The GED program was convenient and easy to fit into a busy schedule. Jessica was grateful for another chance at education. Her prep materials were free and she could attend classes when she had time. Jessica extended a special thank you to the teachers and staff at the Columbus, Nebraska community college location where she studies for the GED test. She shared her positive experience:
“They are absolutely amazing people and care genuinely for each individual.” 

Diploma in hand, up next for Jessica is a career as a pharmaceutical technician. Graduating college is her goal now!