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I give 10 out of 10 for GED+ because it includes so many ways to learn. I especially loved the videos, they made things easy to understand and stick in my memory. Now I have my diploma and can go to nursing school!

Camilla recently finished Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) school but needed a high school diploma to be hired as an EMT. She’s motivated to work in the medical field to save lives. After trying to study all on her own for the GED, through books and other resources, she found it hard to focus and juggle everything else; she was working a lot already.  

Discovering GED+ made a big difference for Camilla because she could finally learn in engaging ways that made it easy for her to remember tough concepts and feel ready for the test. She had an advisor to guide her and 1-on-1 tutoring for deeper dives.   

Camilla especially loved the video courses because she could watch them anytime, no matter what her work hours were. The video lessons helped Camilla visualize what she needed to learn and retain the information.  

While Camilla was studying, her mom was very encouraging. She knew where her daughter might struggle and really wanted to see her succeed. The hard work definitely paid off!  

Passing the GED was an amazing feeling because it was the key to higher education for Camilla. She celebrated with friends upon getting her credential and then went right back to work. Her next step is nursing school!