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Everything GED+ spoke to me in layman's terms, made it easy to learn.  Plus, I had the best advisor ever—she kept me on track to pass.  On a scale of 1-10, I give GED+ a hundred!

After leaving ninth grade in 2009, Devlin had promised his mom that he would get his GED. He was doing well in almost every subject, but Math kept him from passing the full test. It was very frustrating. He tried in-person classes and teaching himself through videos available online. It just wasn’t enough—Math didn’t budge. Then one day his wife came across GED+ and bought it for Devlin. What a difference that made! Everything in GED+ was in layman’s terms, making it easy for him to finally understand Math.
Devlin was also grateful to his advisor, Juli, who kept him motivated and on track to pass the GED. Devlin set work aside to focus entirely on studying. Two months later, he was ready to pass the test. Getting his GED felt amazing. Devlin knew he could finally start making plans and have a true career path.

Within a week of getting his GED, Devlin was hired at Pepsi as a CDL driver. Devlin’s employer is paying his tuition for higher education and his hourly wage until graduation. He feels lucky to work at a place with a generous opportunity like that. Later, Devlin plans to run his own business—a clothing brand in honor of his younger brother who passed away from cancer.  

To motivate other students to get the GED, Devlin shares some advice: “Plan what you want to do in life and get your GED to begin. You don’t have to overwork yourself, just an hour a day will help. Try the GED+ program, listen to your advisor, learn what you need to know. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a hundred! Once you have your GED, don’t be afraid to apply for jobs in the field where you want to have a long-term career.