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The GED+ program gave me the confidence to pass! My fantastic advisor helped me get to my goal faster.

CJ had been thinking about getting his GED, but a big life event made him take the leap. “Finding out I was soon to be a father made my brain jumpstart into action to secure the best life I could for my child,” CJ shared with his advisor. He knew he had to pass the test quickly. CJ decided to sign up for the GED+ program to accelerate his prep.  

CJ dreaded the subjects of Math and Science. GED+ provided him surefire ways to study and overcome those two obstacles. GED+ helped CJ prove to himself that he could pass through tools like GED Ready practice tests, which indicate when a student is ready to pass the real thing. CJ’s GED+ advisor encouraged him along the way. He was also very motivated to make his growing family proud.  

It turned out he knew most of the topics already, just needed some practice to remember everything clearly and apply his knowledge to the GED test. Being able to take the test from home was very helpful.   

Passing the GED opened an exciting new chapter for CJ with better opportunities for himself and his family. He shared his initial reaction upon achieving the GED: “It was as if a tidal wave of pride surged through my chest, blasting my body with euphoria, as it made its way up and crashed through my eyes. I was so happy that I shed a tear!” 

CJ is excited to use his diploma right away. Next on his education journey will be a business degree. He offers advice to other GED students: “Believe in yourself and chase your goals until they’re in your hands. Try again if you fail. After your first success, reflect. Then simply repeat to succeed again.”