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GED+ is amazing. Just let your advisor guide you. My advisor really helped me reach the next level. Everything in the GED+ program was on point.

Jacklyn became a mom just before the end of high school and wasn’t able to stay through to graduation. When her kids grew older, she was determined to get her GED. It wasn’t so easy.  

After trying many ways to study on her own without success, Jacklyn was excited to discover GED+. For her, the best part was having an advisor – knowing that there’s a real person on the other end. Jacklyn’s advisor helped her build a surefire path to pass the GED, putting together all the great tools that are included in GED+. Plus, she knew that even if the first time around she has trouble passing, the test pass guarantee would let her keep trying without spending more.  

Part of what made test prep a challenge was balancing work, kids, and life. As a single mom of four kids, something always came up. Now that they were teens, they understood the importance of studying and made it a priority for their mom. She would simply say to them: “I have to study for this. I’m so nervous. I have a test coming up.” They would then encourage her and give her space to prepare.  

Between her family and her advisor, Jacklyn had no trouble staying motivated during her test prep with GED+. Going step by step helped Jacklyn stay on track; she could login day or night to study as much as she wanted any day. She took GED Ready practice tests every time she felt good about a subject; after passing the GED Ready, she knew she could take that test subject. The subject that came most naturally was Reasoning through Language Arts, which she passed right away. Jacklyn worked her way through all four subjects and in just a few months she was able to achieve her high school credential.  

Getting her GED called for a celebration. Jacklyn celebrated all weekend with her friends and family. She looks forward to continuing her education – to celebrate her college degree in a few years!