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When I discovered GED+, I said OMG, this is exactly what I need to get through Math. Best of all, it included custom prep and taking the test as many times as I needed to pass.

Omayra had already been working on her GED when she discovered GED+. She had successfully completed three GED subject tests – Social Studies, Science, and RLA – but felt stuck on Math.  

One day when logging into her student account at, she noticed an announcement for GED+, a new way to prep that includes tutoring and taking the test as many times as necessary to pass. Knowing that she needed help to pass Math, Omayra decided to try GED+. 

What Omayra loved most about GED+ was the variety of ways to learn. She likes reading but being limited to a book for test prep kept her from gaining the confidence to pass Math. She benefited most from the online tools by Aztec because they showed how to go through problems with audio and visual aids, along with short videos to break down math problems step-by-step. She was even able to re-do specific sections without going through an entire lesson, to really zero in on a tough concept. This way, she was sure to learn each concept completely. 

Another important aspect for Omayra was the flexibility of GED+. Married with four children, she had a lot to juggle every day. When her family came down with COVID-19, she had to stop studying for two weeks. Since GED+ is self-paced, she didn’t have to worry about missing classes and making them up later; she could just login and pick up where she left off.  

Throughout her GED journey, Omayra’s GED advisor checked in on her and offered words of encouragement. Her husband supported her from the very beginning; he knew she could do anything. She wanted to get her GED for many years, but life just kept getting in the way. Omayra had left high school in order to help her parents and never ended up going back. At 33, she was so proud to be able to say she achieved her high school diploma! 

When Omayra got the email about passing the GED test, it was a very emotional moment. She cried and immediately hugged her sons and husband. She thought: “Wow, I did this. I’m a graduate. What an awesome feeling of self-accomplishment – something I wanted to do for so many years. Now it’s my time!” 

Omayra’s next step is getting her college degree. She just enrolled and is excited to continue her education to make herself and her family proud.