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April - Aisha-Kimberly H.

Without my high school credential, I felt like I was letting my family down – especially my dad, who was a college professor. At age 50, I finally did it. I got my GED!

Aisha was a very young bride at the age of 15. She suffered a complicated pregnancy two years later and lost her baby after only four months. It was a devastating experience for Aisha and depression pulled her into a downward spiral.  

Six years later, after much grieving, Aisha was able to start overShe decided to pursue her high school credential, but shortly after starting adult education courses she became pregnant again. After her son’s birth, she couldn’t bring herself to leave home to go back to school because she was afraid something would happen again. She had two more sons and she dedicated all of her time and energy to them. Not having her high school credential made Aisha feel like she was letting her family down–especially her dad, who was a college professor. 

Finally when her boys had graduated from college, Aisha prioritized her own education. Her next step was getting her GED. She felt confident about Reasoning through Language Arts, Science and Social Studies and passed those test subjects right awayHowever, Math was Aisha’s weakest subject. Thankfully, her husband and sons were very strong at math and were happy to coach her.  

The day before her 50th birthday, Aisha passed Math and was officially done. She was so excited to have her GED and wanted to enter the medical field as soon as possible. One of the fastest options was to become a phlebotomy technician, which is a four-month program. She just started her new job at a blood care center this month. Aisha is proud to have an education and a career just like her loved ones.