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I was determined to get my GED this year—nothing could make me give up. It’s been my goal for 10 years and I finally did it! GED+ is a 10 out of 10.

Shandala was studying on her own for the GED before she decided to try GED+. The all-inclusive program provided her with the materials and support she needed to pass. Math was the hardest topic for Shandala so having unlimited access to tools, practice tests, advisor encouragement, and the test itself at no extra cost really made a huge difference for her.  

Working nights made finding time to study really hard. By putting aside an hour or more per day, she was able to prep for the test without losing too much sleep. Shandala’s girlfriend was her biggest supporter and helped her stay motivated.  

Shandala was determied to get her GED this year—she wasn’t going to give up! It’s been a goal in the making for 10 years. Sure enough, she did it! Having the GED credential was such an amazing feeling.  

Going beyond the GED, Shandala connected with an advisor at Accelerated Pathways, which is also part of Pearson education, about plans for her college degree. She will major in hospitality. She enjoys working in hospitality currently and is excited about career growth.