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With GED+ I was able to achieve my high school credential. The program helped me stay motivated and learn everything I needed to pass the GED.

Brenda started her GED® student journey in 2017 but found it hard to do it all on her own. A few years later, she discovered GED+TM through a helpful, encouraging individual who worked at the government office helping Brenda at the time.    

With GED+ Brenda immediately felt a difference. She appreciated the gentle nudges from her advisor to study every day and keep practicing. Having the GED Ready official practice tests included in the program helped too; they gave her confidence that she could pass the GED test. 

The biggest motivator for Brenda was wanting to provide a better life for her three young children. In addition to working a night shift at a hospital and taking care of her kids, she found time to dedicate herself to GED prep. Plus, English isn’t her first language, so taking the test in English felt intimidating.  

Brenda was determined to get her high school credential; it was an important goal in life. She was thrilled to graduate because she knew that having her GED+ was a key step to move up in her medical career and get a higher paying job.