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My experience with GED+ was very positive; it helped me strengthen what I needed to learn in order to earn my GED.

Raul was motivated to go to college and make big changes in his life; he knew that getting his high school equivalency would be the best way to get there. He had never studied for the GED® before, so he was glad to find that GED+TM included all the elements for his success. No need to worry about finding classes, workbooks, practice tests, tutors…everything was in GED+.  

Raul found GED+ helpful because it linked the results from practice tests to where he needed to strengthen his knowledge. For some topics it meant going back to the basics, but at least he knew he wasn’t wasting time on stuff he already knew.  

Raul felt lucky to have friends and family encouraging him even after failing the test. It was a tough reality to face, but he got back up and kept going until he passed. Good thing GED+ lets includes retakes at no cost. It felt great to finally have his GED credential. The first thing he did was apply for college! 

Raul wanted to share this advice with new GED students: be persistent and practice. You won’t love every subject—like Math—but don’t get discouraged. If you don’t pass the first or second time, you’ll still get there!