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Victoria C.

Math was the one thing holding me back from getting my GED and lead to the job I wanted. With GED+ I finally got the help I needed to pass.

Victoria had been working on completing her GED® since the age of17, shortly after leaving high school. However, math kept holding her back; it was by far the toughest subject for Victoria. She was happy to learn that GED+ TM could help her build the skils she needed to pass the test.  

While taking care of two kids, Victoria was glad to have educational support through GED+ with a dedicated advisor guiding her along the way. She was pleasantly surprised that the GED+ program stuck with her until she passed. Victoria had everything she needed to conquer math – lessons, flexible scheduling, tutoring, tools and more.  

Victoria was grateful for her advisor, who was communicative and supportive throughout; she even offered advice before Victoria knew she needed it. One of her favorite pieces of advice was to find time to study every day; even a little bit at a time, it makes a difference.  

The day she passed the GED was full of happy tears. Victoria’s best friend was by her side when she received the good news. She was so proud! She feels unstoppable now that she has graduated Next, Victoria plans to pursue her degree and career in physical therapy.