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Rodney P

I went to take the test feeling confident about my study plan that GED+ provided. That day, I scored higher than all my previous attempts – I finally passed the GED!

Rodney had a career goal in mind that required a high school diploma. At age 33, he had been out of school for 17 years; growing up in the inner city of Chicago surrounded by drugs and violence, he lost close family members and left school shortly thereafter. 

Years later, after time in corrections and having kids, Rodney had a wake-up call. He got away from negative influences in life and decided to focus on his education. It felt overwhelming to get back into study mode. When his close friend landed a role at the company he was aiming for, he knew it was time to get his GED® so he could apply too. He was able to pass three out of four subject tests on his own, but math was a bigger hurdle. Rodney signed up for GED+ TM to take on math and complete his GED credential.  

Before GED+, Rodney had attempted the math test twice but ended up a few points away from passing. He needed one big push. With GED+, he could count on his advisor to encourage him and help create a path to focus on the exact knowledge he needed. By following the study plan, he was able to concentrate solely on areas where he was struggling, using his time wisely. Rodney buckled down and got through 12 lesson plans, studying up to two hours a day. 

With discipline and motivation, it only took Rodney one week to feel confident about passing math. He took the test knowing he’d do better – and he did! His score was higher than previous attempts. Rodney passed the GED! 

Right after getting his diploma, Rodney applied for a job at the utility company in Illinois he had in mind; he began the interview process shortly thereafter. His future is bright with a career as an overhead lineman – a six-figure salary role. He will also pursue his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.