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Graduate Stories

  • Trinh

    “My biggest motivation was my family because they worked so hard to give me a better life.”

  • Timothy

    “GED has meant so much so it was only fitting I continue to work in education.”

  • Nzitonda

    “It served as a foundation to show the world my strength and ambition to become who I want to be.”

  • Nicole

    “My motivation was my friends in college. I knew that one day I wanted to be like them earning a degree.”

  • Maurilio

    “One of the things I loved is that I was making friends while I was in school because we were all working as a group encouraging each other.”

  • Hannah

    “I started thinking positively, asking for help and believing I could actually do it.”

  • Florence

    “I took a picture in my cap and gown to visualize myself succeeding and then I did.”

  • Brittany

    “Without my teachers there's no way I could have did it. They were and still are my rock.”

  • Allison

    “I was so scared to get my GED because I thought I would fail just like I did with everything in life. The urge to change my life was so strong.”

  • Alandria

    “I wanted to quit so many times because I felt that I wasn't smart enough to pass.”

  • Jessica

    “I didn’t want to be the only one without a diploma in my family.”

  • Ali

    “I had made poor decisions as a high schooler and wanted to fix the mistakes I made.”