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Without my teachers there's no way I could have did it. They were and still are my rock.

Before getting her GED Brittany was in bad place and needed to turn her life around, but it took her four years to get there.  

“ I had received multiple charges including drinking prematurely. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. The very last thing that I was worried about was myself and my future.”

However, one day Brittany met a judge who pushed her to get her diploma. It was the first time she realized that someone beside her family believed in her and that maybe she could do something great with her life.

“My son also provided me with the motivation to get my GED. I needed to set an example to him so he will know the importance of education. I hope that because I got my GED and decided to further my education and go to college, he will be more proud of me some day.”

Brittany loved the GED program and thought her instructors were the best part of it because they went above and beyond to help her.

“Without them, there’s no way I could have did it. They were and still are my rock. They even went as far as to giving me a ride to testing and providing me with lunch in between my tests. They still help me to this day with college, even though this is not their job.”

Since getting her GED, Brittany enrolled in college is working towards a business degree and earning her Human Resource Management Certificate at the University of Phoenix.

“I am so thankful for GED Testing Service because it provided me with a second chance at life. Just when I thought that all was lost because of my bad decision to drop out at an early age, I got my GED and now I have a chance to make my life meaningful and make my family proud. This service picked me up out of rock bottom and showed me that there are better days ahead.”