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January - Demani P.

Despite our difficult family situation battling homelessness, my younger sister got her GED and started college. She inspired me to get my GED for a better life and to help others.

For many years, Demani, along with her mother and sister, were homeless. Every day was a battle; there was so much hardship that it felt like the world was against them. Despite tremendous challenges, Demani’s younger sister managed to get her GED and even started college. This was a huge inspiration for Demani to do the same.  

Demani found that her lack of confidence was her biggest obstacle while prepping for the test on her own. She had been surrounded by negativity for so long that she wasn’t sure she could still believe in herself. Demani had to muster up the courage to improve her life.  

 Demani’s family kept her motivated along her GED journey. Together, they made sure she went all the way to passing the test and obtaining her diploma. Math was especially tough. After failing that subject once, Demani almost gave up entirely. However, her mom and sister saved up the money for her to retake Math and encouraged her to complete the GED test. 

Passing all four subjects was a time of celebration for Demani and her family. When she received her GED credential, she enrolled in college on the same day. Demani is determined to study hard and build a career. In the future, she want to be able to make a positive impact by helping the homeless community.