Staying motivated can be difficult when learners have busy lives and other priorities. However, there are many ways to help learners stay on track and motivated to earn their GED credential.

Make learning easily accessible  

One of the ways that learning can be accessible, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is by hosting online classes or learning sessions. This allows your learners to be engaged wherever they are. In addition, online classes are a way that students can fit studying and working towards their GED credential into their busy schedules. Learning can also be made accessible by providing your students with our free classroom materials. These materials are at no cost to students and include tutorials and practice questions.

Help learners work towards their short-term goals  

Accomplishing short-term goals keeps learners motivated to finish their GED journey. Earning a GED credential can be tough, and it comes with many challenges, but breaking down barriers one by one helps learners feel confident. A way to help students accomplish their short-term goals is by mastering each GED test subject one at a time. Taking each subject and topic one by one allows learners to manage and master the content that they are learning easily.

Determine their need to earn their GED  

Learners go on their journey to earn their GED credential for a variety of reasons. Helping your students figure out and remember why they want to earn their GED is helpful so that they start the year strong and are motivated to finish through their GED journey. In addition, it is important to remind your learners that earning their GED is an investment for their future. Sit with your learners and talk about what benefits will come if they earn their GED credential. Earning a GED credential will open doors to new jobs and educational opportunities, allow graduates to earn more money than they previously did, and grow as an individual.

Build a relationship with your learners 

Building a relationship with your learners is crucial to guiding them through their GED journey. Support your learners and push them to persevere when they feel doubtful about their education. Being supportive to your learners and letting them know you are a helpful resource allows them to feel confident and will keep them motivated.