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Free Classroom Materials


Students should practice with these tutorials so they learn about various question types and become familiar with how the test and calculator work. The tutorials work best on a computer (not a smartphone or tablet).

Preview the Test

Use the Free Practice Test, which is about one-fourth the length of the actual test, to give your students a preview of the GED® test. It works best on a computer (not a smartphone or tablet). The Study Guides explain the skills that are covered in each subject, and include sample questions.

Reference Sheets

Many of these resources are available to your students in the testing center on test day. Review these with your students so there are no surprises on test day.

Students can change what the test looks like on their computer screen to make it easier to read. Download these guides to learn more about changing the on-screen color of the test, the text size of the test, and how to highlight text on the test.


Extended Response Tools and Practice

Use these resources to improve your students’ written responses. The scoring tools help you evaluate and provide feedback to students about their RLA GED Ready® written response.

Extended Response Videos

Watch this 8-episode series with your students to take a deeper dive into the skills and expectations that will help students excel on their written responses.