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Adoption of College Ready Recommendations

Since introduction of the CR and CR + Credit score levels college leaders, elected officials and policymakers are increasingly interested in how they can help put these recommendations into practice. Nearly 200 colleges and systems have already implemented policies to allow students at the CR level to bypass all or part of their placement exams and be placed in credit-bearing courses. Many colleges are also awarding college credit for CR+ scores.

  • ACE CREDIT® and the GED® Test

    Since 1974, the American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has connected workplace learning with colleges and universities by helping students gain access to academic credit for training taken outside traditional degree programs.

    ACE CREDIT® reviews are conducted by teams of experienced college and university teaching faculty and psychometricians.

    • The teams review the content, scope, and rigor of an organization’s training programs or assessments
    • They examine how well the programs or assessments align with current college and university curricula


    An ACE CREDIT® team has assessed whether the content of the GED® test reflects college-level work and also looked at 18 months of test-taker performance data. Based on the ACE CREDIT® team’s recommendations, GED Testing Service created the GED® College Ready and GED® College Ready + Credit score levels.

    • GED® College Ready: Test-takers who score in the GED® College Ready level (165-174) demonstrate the skills needed to start college-level courses and should qualify for waivers from placement testing or developmental education requirements.
    • GED® College Ready + Credit: Test-takers who score in the GED® College Ready + Credit level (175-200) demonstrate some of the skills that are taught in college-level courses and may be eligible for up to 3 credits in Math, 3 credits in Science, 3 credits in Social Studies, and 1 credit in English.
  • Applying ACE CREDIT® Recommendations

    GED Testing Service works with ACE’s College and University Partnerships (CUP) and the ACE CREDIT® College and University Network to broaden knowledge about GED® College Ready and GED® College Ready + Credit and encourage acceptance of credit recommendations. The network consists of more than 2,000 institutions that consider ACE CREDIT® recommendations for transfer to degree programs.

  • A Guide for Admissions Officers

    About one in twenty students entering postsecondary schools holds a high school credential earned by passing the GED® test. Learn how admissions officers can evaluate GED® graduate applicants.