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GED Direct™

Easily buy and assign tests directly to your students



A New Management Tool

As an educator, you can purchase GED Ready practice tests, In-Person GED tests, and Online Proctored GED tests through the GED Direct eCommerce feature within GED Manager. Directly assign these tests to your students. See FAQ below.

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  • No expiration dates

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How It Works

  • Purchase in GED Manager

    Buy as many GED Readys as you need and receive our educator discount. Buy GED tests for online or in-person testing. All you need is a GED Manager account.

  • Assign and Share With Ease

    Once purchased, you can easily assign tests to your students or share them with other educators in your program. You can also unassign and reuse unused tests to different students.

  • Manage Your Purchases

    Your GED Direct dashboard displays assigned and shared tests. “Manage Assignments” allows you to see the status of each assigned test and adjust as needed, along with order history.

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    GED Direct is great! This is a much more streamlined way to handle GED testing, 
especially with the “new normal” of today.

    GED Adult Educator