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GED TestPrepped™ Coaching Program Course

Gain new tools to help your students on their GED journey

Do you have a student like this?

  • Gets a Green on GED Ready test but doesn’t pass the GED test
  • Repeatedly scores between a 140-144 on the GED test
  • Won’t schedule the GED test or does, but then doesn’t show up for it

The GED TestPrepped Coaching Program Course will teach you how to break these cycles.

You will identify non-academic skills where your students struggle such as, Motivation, Responsibility, Confidence, Resiliency, etc.

You will learn how to work with your students to build successful test-taking strategies.

Coaching Resources

There are six video modules in this course. It begins with an introductory video that provides an overview of the course. Underneath each embedded video you will find multiple choice questions to check your understanding of key concepts from each module. Your responses to the questions will not be saved. You may revisit any module at any time. The full course will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Linked below are key materials referenced in the videos. The materials may be downloaded and saved. These tools can help your comprehension and application of the GED TestPrepped program.

This module will take 4 minutes to complete

Questions to Guide your Understanding

Complete the questions below to check your understanding of this module. When you have completed this module, click “Next” to move on to the next module. Your responses will not be scored or tracked. You may revisit these questions at any time.

After Completing All 6 Modules: Get Access to the Administrator Site Below

Now that you’ve completed the GED TestPrepped Coaching Program Course you are ready to start implementing. Click below to sign up for a free TestPrepped Administrator account hosted by FifthTheory to gain access to the assessment. You can return here for reference materials or a refresher anytime.


GED TestPrepped Coaching Program FAQs

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