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Ged Options Program

The GED Option™

GED Option™ is an integral component of a high school curriculum that provides an alternative way to attain a High School Credential for students still enrolled in high school. These students are at risk of dropping out of school or are so far behind in credits that their ability to graduate on time with their class is jeopardized. GED Option™ provides these students with the opportunity to stay in school and acquire the necessary high school level knowledge and skills to pass the GED® test and earn a High School Credential during the same graduation year as their peers.

Minimum GED Option™ Requirements

  • Students meet eligibility criteria (e.g., be a minimum of 16 years of age and enrolled in school) to participate
  • Students should receive ongoing academic and career advising
  • All instruction is to be at High School level
  • Program must include a GED Option™ Coordinator
  • Students earn either a regular High School Credential (preferred, and recommended) or an Equivalency Credential
  • Students participate in a High School Graduation or ceremony

Best Practices for Successful GED Option™ Implementation

  • Students achieve a score in the “Green Zone” on each of the of the four content GED Ready® practice tests
  • Students take and pass all four content GED tests with a minimum score of 145 to earn a High School Credential
    • Reasoning Through Language Arts
    • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  • Students demonstrate proficiency in identified foundational skills. These are 21st century skills needed for success in college, the workplace, and civic life, such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity and include
    • Career readiness and job-related skills (for example, job search skills, resume writing, interview skills and grant writing)
    • Technical education, including computer skills training and personal financial management
    • Post-high school goals through critical thinking, problem solving, or inquiry in real world contexts
    • Health
    • Civics
  • The jurisdictional GED Option™ Coordinator removes alerts from student GED accounts when eligibility for testing is met and analyzes the program’s success and effectiveness through annual monitoring of student data and performance information

How can you apply to become a GED Option™ State?

Contact your GED State Relationship Manager to start your application today!