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Career Readiness and Workforce Development

The GED® program helps adult learners earn a meaningful high school equivalency credential and be better prepared for future career opportunities. It also helps states and local programs deliver on their Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) outcomes and metrics.

Increased Earning Potential

Grads report high job satisfaction with employment they obtain after earning their GED. That’s because the critical thinking skills they develop through the GED program better prepare them for today’s job market.

  • GED grads are more likely to be employed at 6 and 12 months

  • Graduates earn on average $200 more a week than non-high school grads

  • Graduates have an average 2% lower unemployment rate than non-high school grads

  • Trackable Outcomes

    Data is essential to implementing WIOA. The GED program helps ensure student progress is measurable at all stages, from inquiring about GED prep classes to scores on the GED test. We have developed and continue to develop tools for educators to monitor student performance. Tools like:


    GED Score Reports

    These provide students and teachers comprehensive information about how to be successful on the GED test.


    GED Analytics

    GED Analytics provides data in real time, with a wealth of new categories of data that can be filtered for one-time reports or to create dashboards. GED Analytics can help educators understand better where programs are succeeding or may need additional assistance.


    GEDPrep Connect

    A new tool that helps make local GED prep and adult ed programs more visible to adult learners, as students perform better when they have a teacher in their corner. GEDPrep Connect is also tied to GED Manager, which allows programs to recruit and manage students and view student scores.