Many helpful resources are available to guide your GED instruction for learners of all levels.

You can view detailed information on the skills students need to demonstrate to pass, what is being assessed in each content area, and more. Free classroom resources include professional development webinars, tutorials, and scoring tools.

You can download free classroom materials such as tutorials, practice questions, and reference sheets. Our free tutorials are for students to become familiar with different types of test questions and how the test and calculator work. Students can view the Computer-Based Test Tutorial and Calculator Tutorial in both English and Spanish.

Some other free resources are provided to you to give your students are our free online sample tests and study guides. Your students can try a free sample test in each GED subject. These sample tests will give your students an idea of what to expect when taking the actual GED test. The study guides explain all the skills covered in the GED test and include sample questions. The study guides are available in both English and Spanish.

GED also holds a bi-monthly Tuesdays for Teachers webinar series, a free professional webinar series designed for educators. The webinar will also help you have a deeper understanding of classroom strategies and techniques for the GED test. Our past webinars have covered mathematical reasoning, GED testing accommodations, and more.

Teaching resources are available that allow you to effectively instruct and guide your students to develop the skills they need to pass the GED test successfully. Our teaching resources include an educator handbook, an overview of the GED test content, and how to teach the content to students. You can also view Performance Level Descriptors and see what skills your students need to have to earn each score level. Lastly, we also provide How-to-Guides for supporting your students. These guides are step-by-step instructions on applying for accommodations, scheduling a test, and more.

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