The GED test program has returned to New York and will now be the only test for earning a high school equivalency diploma in the state.

Beginning this month, students can start testing in New York at a testing center. This is the first time the GED test has been available to New York residents since 2013.  All passing subtest scores from the TASC Test™, 2014-2021, and prior passing GED scores, from 2002-2013, can be used toward meeting the requirements for an HSE diploma.

There is no cost for students to take the GED test in New York. More information about the state policies related to the GED test and student eligibility is available here.

As an educator, you can also apply to become a test center in the state of New York. You can view the requirements and how to get your test center up and running by navigating here.

To learn more about the GED in New York and access professional development resources, visit our webpage dedicated to educators in New York.

You can read the full announcement from New York State’s Education Department on their website.