Earlier this year we launched a video project that showcases the GED student journey through the eyes of students in various stages of the process.

Through these personal video diaries, we are able to show the ups and downs of the GED preparation and testing process. Each student has offered to give us a glimpse into their intimate thoughts and day-to-day activities as they pursue their credential.

The student diary project features students attending the Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School in Washington, DC, Open Door Learning Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School in Washington, DC.

Our participants reflect the different backgrounds and stories that make up the GED student community. In particular we highlight the journey of parents, immigrants and DC natives in this phase of the project. We’re in Week 9 and we’ve just celebrated Cat, one of our DC natives, passing the GED test and we anticipate that our other participants will get the scores they need to pass their final subjects.

Here’s a look at the moment Cat found out she’s a new GED graduate.

This collaboration with adult education programs has given us the opportunity to highlight the impact educators and classroom instruction have in the GED preparation process. Students involved in the project are actively attending classes and working closely with their instructors.

It is our hope that current and potential GED students are able to connect with each of the project participants and feel inspired to push through obstacles they may be facing in their own journey. We will continue to share the videos on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts and we encourage you to share these videos with your own students as a source of inspiration and conversation.

**Students participating in the project received sponsorship through the GED testing process including access to GED Ready practice tests, operational GED tests and the GED Flash for Individuals study tool. The instructors of participating students received trial access to the GED Flash for Organizations product for their classroom.