In our recent Tuesdays for Teachers webinar we shared tips and strategies to help GED students stay focused and push through the distractions of the end of the school year.

This webinar highlights information we have presented over the last few months related to the GED test subjects and research we’ve done to learn more about the student journey and postsecondary outcomes. We do recognize that some programs run throughout the summer and these tips are just as useful for instructors working with GED students that are continuing or starting their testing journey.

Student data and research outcomes

Each year we share data related to the number of students that have earned a GED credential. From July 1, 2018 to May 20, 2019, there were 163,013 completers and 127, 200 passers to make up the 78% national pass rate. This pass rate is higher than the rates seen prior to the 2014 test update.

Here’s a summary of national test taker data found via the GED Analytics data tool:

In the webinar we also share a breakdown of test taker performance for the GED test subjects:

In most cases, educators and administrators with access to GED Manager have access to GED Analytics Lite. Through this same portal you can access GED student data for your specific state.

Additional information in the webinar reviews national test taker trends including average age of testers, the average number of days in the testing journey and more.

We also reviewed updated data related to how GED graduates are doing once earning their credential. Through a data match with the National Student Clearinghouse we are able to see when students are entering college and career training programs and how they’re doing once enrolled.

Classroom strategies and test taking tips

In the webinar we share some of the best resources, tools and strategies to use with your students as they get prepare for test day.

Tutorials like the Computer-based test tutorial and the Calculator tutorial give students a walk through of what to expect on test day and could help ease anxiety related to the logistics of the test.

Free practice tests and study guides help students become familiar with the look and feel of the test items. Through the practice tests and tutorials you can get an idea of how comfortable your students are with navigating the embedded tools throughout the test.

Here’s a look at our “game day” test taking tips for students:

More information about our student research, national testing data and teaching strategies are available in the full webinar recording.