GED Testing Service has created resource pages for both educators and students to provide updates and assist with finding distance learning options for GED preparation during COVID-19.

Our educator resource page features information about virtual tools to connect with students, content resources for developing lessons and digital resources from our publishers.

Through partnerships with our publishers we are able to offer free and discounted study tools to make instruction and studying during social distancing more accessible for GED students at all levels.

Some of the available options include:

GED Flash Interactive Practice Questions

GED Flash is a great way to help students stay sharp just minutes at a time. Students can benefit from:

  • 1000’s of interactive questions just like the ones on the real test
  • Step-by-step explanations to master the skills needed to pass
  • Practice anytime, anywhere with easy mobile access

For a limited time, new and existing GED Flash users will automatically receive an additional 30 days of access for free. This offer applies to the individual version of GED Flash available on Programs that are interested in GED Flash for Organizations for their classrooms should reach out to [email protected].

Comprehensive distance learning with GED Play

In partnership with Aztec Software and Kaplan Test Prep, GED Play is a new, highly engaging distance learning video program. You can also pair GED Play with GED Flash for Organizations so students can practice the concepts they learn. 

GED Play offers: 

  • Comprehensive videos covering all four GED test subjects
  • Targeted content that aligns with skills evaluated on the test
  • Short lessons that make it easy for students to learn without feeling overwhelmed

Bite-sized learning with GED Rapid Review 

Many students have had their tests canceled because of test center closings due to COVID-19.  To help students stay ready until rescheduling becomes available, we’ve partnered with Kaplan Test Prep to give free access to GED Rapid Review to all students who had their test canceled.

With GED Rapid Review, students can review key topics within each subject and keep concepts fresh in their mind through short video lessons.

We will continue to update our resource pages as we find additional options to assist with GED preparation and instruction during social distancing.