Many graduation ceremonies have been canceled but that doesn’t stop the celebration of GED graduates and their accomplishments. 

Our annual GED Grad Day event returns May 14th and we’re excited to celebrate all of the hard work GED students have done to earn their credential and pursue their dreams. Through the event we also hope to motivate other adults to take that first step and pursue their GED credential.

Each year we encourage current GED graduates, family members, friends, teachers, employers and aspiring graduates to join the virtual celebration by posting motivational messages, success stories and pictures on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #GEDGradDay.

This year we’re highlighting ‘what’s next’ for GED graduates. We know the motivation to earn a GED credential can vary but the positive impact of earning a high school equivalency diploma is universal. 

GED graduates go on to pursue postsecondary education, vocational training and careers in every field. We are proud of the many accomplishments of GED graduates and want them to share posts about what they plan to do or what they’re doing now that they have their credential. 

Current GED students are also encouraged to join by sharing what their future plans are once they get their diploma. Educators and supporters are asked to share stories about how they decided what was next for them once they graduated high school or earned their GED.

These stories encourage others to think about what’s next in their lives and how a GED can change the trajectory of their future.

We look forward to having you join the virtual celebration on May 14th! Follow our Facebook page and more information about this year’s event will be shared soon.