As programs across the country remain closed in response to the COVID-19 crisis, putting a temporary halt to in-person instruction, we have put together resources to help you stay connected to your students while continuing to prepare them for the GED test. 

The latest webinar, Working at a Distance – Helping Students Continue Their Progress Toward the GED Test During the Time of Social Distancing, goes over best practices and resources related to distance learning programs. During the webinar GED Testing Service’s Professional Development Team, Debi Faucette and Susan Pittman, discussed key topics including:

  • Testing realities and challenges
  • Fears and concerns of adults during the pandemic
  • Online resources that can help students stay engaged and continue learning
  • Options to offer distance learning activities for students
  • GEDTS resources that can be used in the classroom

Also, dive deeper into the points below: 

  • Keep everyone track even while apart by setting clear expectations and managing time well
  • How to navigate tools such as Zoom for hosting live classes online
  • How to best utilize social media, especially the GED community on Facebook, to stay connected despite social distancing

This recent webinar and other Tuesdays for Teachers topics are available on-demand through the Educator Resources page