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Exhibit 16

Procedure for Accommodated Testing of Candidates with Disabilities

1. Accommodations Procedure Summary

  1. When Candidates register online for the GED® test on computer, the following process applies:
    1. The Candidate registers online for the GED® test on computer. During the registration process, the Candidate is asked about the need for accommodations or modified testing conditions. If the Candidate has a need for accommodation then the following steps occur:
      1. The Candidate will be directed to the GED Testing Service accommodations website for instructions regarding applying for accommodations.
      2. The Candidate will be told that scheduling of an accommodated seat cannot take place until the accommodations approval process has been completed.
      3. The Candidate will be informed to expect up to 30 days (in most cases) for review of the accommodations request.
    2. The Candidate will follow the steps for applying for accommodations, as outlined on the website specified above, including completing the Accommodations Request Form and gathering supporting documentation.
    3. The Candidate will submit the Accommodations Request Form and supporting documentation according to the directions on the website.
    4. GED Testing Service will review the Candidate’s submission and make the accommodations determination.
    5. If GED Testing Service needs additional information pertaining to the Candidate’s accommodation request, GED Testing Service will contact the Candidate for this purpose.
    6. GED Testing Service endeavors to render a decision and notify the Candidate within 30 days. However, the exact timing of the decision varies by the particular case. The decision will be entered into GED Testing Service registration system.

2. Accommodations for GED Candidates

  1. There are a number of testing alternatives for Candidates who are blind or who have visual impairments that hamper access to the GED® test. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Use of the Braille GED® test
    2. Use of a handheld magnifier
    3. Use of a CCTV for enlarging the paper test
    4. Use of a scribe for dictating responses
    5. Use of a human reader in conjunction with the GED® test
    6. Screen magnification of the GED® test on computer
    7. Use of a screen overlay for the GED® test on computer
    8. Use of a talking calculator
  2. Instead of listening to the test administrator say the check in instructions aloud (prior to the start of the test), the test administrator may provide the instructions to the Candidate in written form.
  3. Testing in a private or distraction reduced room.
  4. Additional breaks.
  5. Extra testing time.
  6. A paper version of the test.
  7. Ability for the Candidate to self-select font magnification and/or color-contrast alternative.
  8. More individualized accommodations can be arranged, but this may require more than the standard thirty (30) days to review and prepare for such accommodations.

3. Appeals Process Candidates Whose Request for Accommodations Has Been Denied May Appeal the Decision

Candidates can complete and submit the “Request for Testing Accommodations Appeal” form that is available for download from the GEDTS website. In addition, candidates are strongly encouraged to provide GEDTS with additional supporting documentation to review. GEDTS disability experts will review all appeal requests and respond to the Candidate.

4. No Additional Costs for Accommodations

The accommodations review and approval process, and the administration of tests with accommodations, does not involve any additional costs to be borne by the Jurisdictions or Candidates. Tests administered with accommodations incur the same fees as tests administered without accommodations.

5. The GED Ready Practice Test

Extended time accommodations are available on GED Ready® Practice Test to Candidates at 125%, 150% and 200% of the time allowed on the standard GED Ready® Practice Test.Candidates who have psychiatric or psychological disorders may request testing accommodations.

  1. Only Candidates who have indicated that they need to request modified testing conditions for their GED® test in their GED® account will see the option for the GED Ready® Practice Test with extended time accommodations. No formal approval is necessary
  2. When Candidates who have indicated they need to request modified testing conditions log in to purchase the GED Ready® Practice Test, they will see a link asking if they need information about the GED Ready® Practice Test with extended time accommodations
  3. Candidates who click on the link for more information about the GED Ready® Practice Test with extended time accommodations will be given a Customer Support phone number to call and order the appropriate test
  4. The use of extended testing time on the GED Ready® Practice Test does not guarantee that this accommodation will be approved for the GED® test.