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Discounted Retake Program (Does not apply to International Candidates)

With the discounted retake program, every Candidate is eligible for two discounted retakes for a failed attempt on a GED® test subject. These discounted retakes are valid for twelve months after the initial subject area test attempt. For each discounted retake, GED Testing Service waives all testing fees, so the only costs to the student are any applicable state or testing center fees.

All students receive two discounted retakes per failed subject

  • One GED® subject purchase and failed attempt = 2 discounted retakes
  • Students can only schedule one discounted retake at a time for the discount to apply. The discount is applied automatically.
  • Students cannot use more than one automatic discount at a time, but can apply other vouchers or promo codes to cover the remaining amount.
  • GED Testing Service waives testing fees for every retake ($20 per subject area test).
  • In states with additional fees, students are responsible for paying these fees when they schedule their discounted retake. Additional fees may include:
  • States and testing centers can choose to waive their fees
  • Retakes must occur within 12 calendar months of the initial failed attempt
  • Students can test three times on the same subject without waiting. After the third attempt, there is a 60-day waiting period before trying again. Please note: Retake policies may vary by state; please review the state policy pages for details on individual state retake policies
  • Every student is eligible, every time
  • If a Candidate is a “no-show” for the retake, the Candidate forfeits the test center fee.

In states with no state fees or statewide testing center fees 

  • Students receive 2 free retakes, every subject area (total of 8 free retakes)

In states with state fees or statewide testing center fees

  • Students receive 2 discounted retakes, every subject area (total of 8 discounted retakes)
  • States and testing centers can choose to waive their fees

The discounted test price for students may vary by state, but pricing will automatically adjust to reflect the retake discount. Students can log into their account to see their state price and schedule their discounted retake.