Still thinking about whether or not to join Cohort 3 of Train the Trainer at the Annual Conference in San Diego?  Are you interested in making a difference—not only in your program for your students—but also in your state? Looking for your next professional achievement that contributes to student success? If you’ve been considering any of these questions, then Train the Trainer is for you!

Did you know that:

  • Our “veteran” trainers (Cohorts 1 and 2) come from 18 states from coast to coast.  
  • More than half of them have provided face-to-face professional development within their states.  
  • On average, our veteran trainers provided an average of three to five professional development sessions for their colleagues during the last year.  
  • Looking across selected states, our trainers have reached more than 1,000 instructors in the last year alone.

What to do next: If you’re interested, you will need to register for the GED Testing Service Annual Conference and selectTrain the Trainer’ as your Registration Type. Plan to arrive in San Diego by Monday evening, July 23rd. Training for Cohort 3 will kick off Tuesday morning July 24th. Already registered for the Conference but not for Train the Trainer? Contact Mimi Abdulkadir at [email protected] to update your registration. Participation in Train the Trainer costs $50 in addition to the regular conference fee.

Please note that no cohort group will be recruited for the upcoming year (2019). Of course, GED Testing Service will continue to support Cohorts 1, 2, and 3 with professional development—program updates and new workshop material.

We hope to see you in San Diego!

–Daphne Atkinson, Senior Director of State Relationships for GED Testing Service