The list of tools students can use to prepare for the GED test subjects continues to grow and we’re here to help you determine what new study tools, created by GED Testing Service and partners, may be best for your students and classroom.

GED Flash for Individuals™

Details: Online, interactive tool that functions similar to traditional flashcards, giving users the option to test their knowledge of GED test subjects with instant feedback. It offers thousands of practice questions in each of the four GED test subjects, and it was created to be easily used on students’ mobile devices.
Target test subjects: All (Math, Science, RLA, Social Studies)
Benefits: Provides instant feedback on which questions students got right or wrong, giving the information they need to develop study plans and identify the skills they need to improve to pass the test. Questions are randomized and students have access to more than 6,000 practice items.
Cost: Available in a 30-day subscription per subject, subscriptions can be renewed.
Special promotion: Now through July 15, students can purchase access to GED Flash for $3 off per 30-day subscription of individual subjects using the promo code SUMMERFLASH.
How to buy: Students can purchase subscriptions to GED Flash through their accounts

GED Flash for Organizations™

Details: Similar to the GED Flash for Individuals product. Allows programs and instructors access to the same questions and answers available to individual students, with the addition of tracking and interpretive tools.
Target test subjects: All (Math, Science, RLA, Social Studies)
Benefits: Features include reports that show students’ time on task; data related to individual, class and organizational progress; the ability to assign content areas based upon individual or class needs and administrative dashboards that provide quick and easy access to information and tools. Educators can assign multiple students to purchased “seats” as long as students are not using the product at the same time.
Cost: Cost varies according to number of seats purchased
Special promotion: Now through August 31st educators can purchase GED Flash “seats” for 14 months at the 12-month price and get GED Ready practice tests for $2 each per GED Flash “seat.”
How to buy: Adult education and GED prep programs can purchase by contacting their state relationship manager or Aztec Software.

GED Live

Details:  Live teacher-led, interactive learning and GED preparation for students studying for the GED test.
Target test subjects: All (Math, Science, RLA, Social Studies)
Benefits: Offers students convenient access to a live instructor through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Adult education programs can use it to incorporate online instruction into their curriculums. This is also helpful for independent learners, working adults or adults in more rural communities.
Cost: $59 each for 45-day subscription to individual Math or RLA classes. $129 for 90-day access to Math, RLA, Science and Social Studies classes. Program subscriptions are also available with 10 or 20-seat options.
Special promotion: GED “Start to Finish” bundle includes GED Live classes for 90 days for all four subjects, four GED Ready practice tests and a Pre-Paid Voucher for all 4 subject areas of the GED Test. Price varies and can be found here.
How to buy: Students can purchase GED Live access through the GED Marketplace.