We’re excited to be in New York City for the GED Conference this July. New York is the 3rd largest state for GED learners. We’re proud to be impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and millions of learners nationwide. This is all possible thanks to your inspiration and dedication to building brighter futures through education.

We are excited to welcome this year’s keynote speaker, Dr. Rolundus R. Rice – thought leader, orator, professor and university administrator. His own journey from the GED credential to a Ph.D. degree has inspired thousands of students.

Here are three featured tracks among the many insightful sessions:

Solving the 3 of 4 Dilemma: Reengaging Students Who Are One Test Away from Earning Their GED Diploma  

Does your state or adult education program have students that made it so close to earning their GED credential but never quite finished? There are thousands of students out there, who have completed 3 of 4 GED tests, but just never passed that last test. This session will address this problem and hear from 4 states that have launched campaigns to help these students finish. These state leaders will share best practice for outreach and engagement and leave plenty of time for questions. Learn how your state or program can do your own outreach to increase your GED graduate numbers.

Pearson Accelerated Pathways and Prior Learning Network: Turning Earners to Learners  

Learn more about Pearson’s options for college success with low-cost options and prior learning credit that can give GED grads a head-start.

Tutorial for the Online Proctored Test to Ensure a Smooth Experience 

As an educator or test center administrator, many of you offer guidance to students who choose to take the GED test online.  You can guide and prepare students for all the possibilities and differences they may encounter PRIOR to their test to ensure a positive testing experience.

Committing to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belongingness in the Classroom and Beyond  

This session will help any professional working with learners assess how they can be better advocates for inclusive learning, implement changes at all levels of their organization, and commit to supporting diversity efforts.

See more details about all speakers and sessions here.

We hope to see you in July for two days full of inspiration.

Vicki Greene

President, GED Testing Service