More than 700,000 students who take the GED® test each year will soon have access to powerful insights that will help them be successful, thanks to a new initiative aimed at improving student learning outcomes.

GED Testing Service® is partnering with WithYouWithMe, a social impact tech company, to provide students with free access to its world-leading learning preference assessment.

The partnership aims to support learners by providing insights — directly to the learner and available to educators — into their unique personal learning style and to select curated learning materials that will help them study for the exam. The GED learning preference assessment is currently in development and is expected to launch in July 2023.

WYWM CEO Tom Larter noted that understanding learning preference provides individuals with competitive advantage for the GED test and long-term education and employment opportunities.

“All individuals should have the opportunity to realize their potential and we’re proud to provide our learning preference assessment and other resources to GED learners, to help them gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed,” said Mr. Larter.

Each student has a unique way of processing, internalizing, and remembering information. Some individuals learn best through visual aids such as diagrams, while others may prefer auditory cues like lectures, or learn best through hands-on experiences.

By identifying their learning preference, individuals can tailor their study habits and strategies to be more effective and efficient.

By increasing the number of students successfully earning a GED diploma, we can help level up the workforce with greater diversity and equality by opening exciting new career paths that individuals may never have thought possible.

“The learning preference insights will equip learners with important information to not only support their GED preparation, but also broader life and career choices. We’re confident that providing them with insight into their learning style will set them up for success,” said Vicki Greene, President of GED Testing Service and SVP Workforce Skills.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans start their GED journey, whether it’s to go to college, prepare for a new job or simply to achieve this milestone. It’s incredibly important to provide these learners with a world-class service and positive learning environment to help them thrive.

GED Testing Service is also partnering with WithYouWithMe to launch the GED Tech Apprenticeship program which will support 300 GED students from diverse backgrounds into new tech careers. Under the GED Tech Apprenticeship program, students will have the opportunity to complete WithYouWithMe’s broader testing program to identify those with a high propensity to excel in tech careers. They’ll then have access to free accredited training to upskill them into high demand tech roles and find roles at leading companies in the United States.