Since the launch of the GEDWorks program in 2015, over 4,400 graduates have earned their credentials at no cost with the support of their employers.

The program has grown to reflect a wide range of employers and health plan providers spanning the U.S., including one of our latest partners, Charter Manufacturing.  Charter Manufacturing, a family-owned metals manufacturing and metals-based engineered solutions business, will offer the program to newly-hired employees across its four businesses including Charter Automotive, LLC, Charter Dura-Bar Inc, Charter Steel, and Chart Wire LLC.

Additional companies that currently offer the GEDWorks program to their employees or members include KFC, Sheetz, Total Wine, and UCare. Learners can find if their current or desired employer offers the GEDWorks program through their accounts.

An overwhelming majority, 71% of GEDWorks participants, are more loyal to their employer because the GEDWorks program is offered. GEDWorks students are also 39% more likely to earn their diplomas than students who are pursuing a GED credential on their own. Throughout the program, students receive online GED study materials in English and Spanish, practice tests, access to a personal advisor, connections to local adult education programs and free GED tests.

We expect additional health plan providers, non-profit organizations, and companies to join the ranks and offer the GEDWorks program as more employers commit to helping their workers pursue their professional, academic, and personal goals.

Additional information about the GEDWorks program and GEDWorks success stories are available here.


–Nadia Gonzales, GEDTS Communications