Join us on May 12 for a virtual celebration to honor our GED graduates. 

GED Grad Day is a chance to celebrate our past, current, and future graduates and their accomplishments. We encourage you to help us celebrate all the hard work our learners have done to earn their credential and help accomplish their dreams.

In the weeks leading up to GED Grad Day, we need your help encouraging students to use our hashtags and tags to share their inspirational stories. For example, if your students decide to post on Twitter be sure to include “@GEDTesting” or “#GEDGradDay” so that it comes up on our radar. To access our Educator toolkit with information on GED Grad Day and posting on social media, click here.

We also encourage you and your students to submit a video sharing your GED story. It is an opportunity to share how it felt to pass their GED, any test-taking tips, and what being a GED graduate has allowed them to accomplish. Educators can a share a video congratulating their GED graduates and sharing their most rewarding experiences with a student or class.

Thank you for your continued support and determination to advance the lives of our learners!