News and updates for January 2023:

  • Check out our video on the evolution of the GED! We’re excited to share GED history with you. This video highlights just how much the GED program has changed since 1942.
  • We would love to hear about your experience with GED Testing Service. In the bottom left section of the GED administrator and educator page, there is a green box where we invite you to tell us about your GED experience.
  • Tired of setting up email accounts just to demonstrate to students how to set up a student account? Or, want to poke around and see what the account process is like from time to time – or with different types of students? If so, you’re in luck! We encourage you to use our GED demo student login site. No real email address is needed to walk students through the steps of creating an account and signing up with GED. Please note: when you use the link it may tell you there isn’t a certificate. Don’t worry – press forward as it is completely safe! This site sits on a staging server not intended for the general public.