A peek inside of GEDWorks and what makes our program successful.

By participating in the GEDWorks program, employers recognize that a high school equivalency diploma is a critical stepping-stone for their employees. The program includes everything prospective graduates need to prepare for and pass the GED test. Participants are given access to a personal advisor, online GED study materials, practice tests, and free GED tests in English or Spanish

“Our advisors are the secret sauce of the program,” said GEDWorks Account Manager Vanessa McCallum, “almost every student enrolled says that their advisor is the reason they were successful in earning their GED.”

As soon as a participant is approved to participate by the organization, the advisor reaches out to the student to hold an orientation, find out their goals, and discover their motivation for earning their GED. Advisors assign appropriate study materials, issue GED Readys, assign vouchers for the actual exam and boost their learner’s confidence. Because the GED is only available in Spanish and English, learners also have access to bilingual advisors.

In 2022, 32 clients signed with GEDWorks ranging from nonprofits, health plans, and corporations. Amazon, Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, Hudson News, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut employees can take advantage of all the resources GEDWorks to reach their high school equivalency.

“Eight Medicaid plans around the country have partnered with GEDWorks to bring a program to members in their states,” said Vice President of Revenue Geri Martin, “the Social Determinants of Health show a correlation between education and health, and many health plans want to help improve their members education level.”

GEDWorks participants are 39% more likely to earn their diplomas than students who study on their own. To learn more or request a demo click here.