With over 20 million GED® grads and counting, we know that students couldn’t achieve their high school equivalency without the hard work and dedication of educators like you.

It is our goal to help you inform your students that with commitment, preparation, practice, and study, they need to become GED grads. Our recently launched,  GED Playbook for Adult Education Program Directors, Managers, and Instructors is intended to assist in navigating and understanding the GED program.

Within this Playbook you’ll find dozens of helpful resources and tips for:

  • Those who oversee and manage the GED adult education programs, including Teachers, and Tutors
  • Those who provide prepare and plan lessons and are employed by GED education programs or community-based (teachers)
  • Those who work independently and provide one-on-one instruction to GED students (tutors)

The Playbook will help you better understand the GED Testing Service organization and discover the program structure and test. Content and support include areas of instructional focus for each test subject. In addition, you’ll learn about college readiness and career development for students. Best practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion are also part of the Playbook.

Sneak peek into the Playbook: The Self-Assessment for Adult Education Instructors helps determine if becoming an Adult Education instructor is a good fit for you. The assessment will also help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement. You can also use this to help develop a custom professional plan to help you excel as an adult education instructor.

Download the Playbook here: