On September 1, the price of the Online Proctored (OP) GED test subjects will increase by $6 in most states.

You can check here to see the current price. The price for in-person testing, which 75% of students continue to choose, will not change.

Based on data, testing patterns, testing performance, and feedback from students, we have recommended that states move from offering OP as a pilot to a long-term testing option for learners. This transition has been approved in most states with a few states still in the final stages of the approval process. The OP test will remain only available through participating U.S. jurisdictions and U.S. territories.

In a recent national survey with previous OP test takers, almost 3 in 4 students would choose OP vs. in-person testing in the future if given the option. Additionally, 84% said that they would recommend the OP test to a friend. Students have found many benefits to taking an OP test such as the availability of test appointment days and times, the convenience of testing from home, and reduced anxiety and stress in testing from home.

However, we understand that the OP testing option isn’t right for every student. While the OP test option is convenient for students, it required the use of advanced technology and processes that are new, different and complex compared to in-person testing. These advances (e.g. artificial intelligence, test security, etc.) have also resulted in additional work and costs. To date, we have kept the OP test price the same as in-person testing to make communications simpler, to allow us time to determine the cost of the OP delivery option and ascertain the future of this new testing delivery mode.

Students who are scheduled to take an OP test before September 1 will pay the current OP price. For example, if on August 30 a student schedules to take their test on October 1, they will pay the current OP price. If they schedule a test on September 1, they will pay the new OP test price.


Vouchers you have already purchased will also continue to be valid for use with OP test through December 1, 2021. These vouchers will cover 100% of the cost for OP or in-person testing if used before December 1. OP test takers will still be required to earn a “Green” GED Ready score before they are allowed to schedule an OP exam.


We’ve also added an OP testing accommodation for eligible students. The reader/recorder will be available as an OP testing option in September for approved students. More information about accommodations is available here.

To learn more about the Online Proctored GED test or schedule a test, visit our site: ged.com/take-the-ged-test-online/